I’m super grateful to the dozens of clients I’ve worked with, for the trust they have shown in me and all they have taught me. 🙌  Here’s a short one about what you can expect even before you drop a note in my inbox. 

1. We’ll have real conversations instead of presentations.

You will need specific value from me. First, we’ll talk about the problem or opportunity before creating you a solution.

2. Then we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

This assessment is based on the budget and how my core skills can serve your needs. If we don’t fit together, I’ll give you a matching referral to someone who can give you what you need.

3. An initial payment shows you are 100% ready to do this.

The greatest value you get is the thinking process, so the project deposit assures you that my mind stays focused on solving your problems till the end.

4. You get valuable add-ons that can make things easy …

Working with me is an investment that my clients think about before taking the leap. This is how I help ease the pressure:

  1. Guarantees of value I’ve given my past clients — through my Brand Portfolio and Tips in my journal
  2. Favorable terms that allow payment flexibility
  3. A discount to only my best clients when they need my support

5. … And a budget that helps me take good care of you.

Value means not only your website or app design, but also the service you get. You deserve my fullest attention, my best service, and my commitment to fixing mistakes.

A confident budget gives me the means to invest in myself, which always improves the experience and outcome for you. It gives me the flexibility to correct mistakes fast and build the quality of work.


🎁 My gift is to help your business rise and make an impact bigger than you hope for.
Say Hello.

Design Mentor @ ADPList | Senior Product Designer @ Andela | DesignLab & UX Academy Ambassador | 3x UI/UX Certified

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