Why is the FAQ page is extremely important to your ecommerce website? This is where customers know answers to their questions before first contacting the shops. 95% of consumers come back to buy from a brand if they have a satisfying and smooth experience on a company’s website. These are the most common customer FAQs for your ecommerce website.

Shopping FAQs


  • Why should I provide my real email and phone number when I order? I don’t want spam.
  • I received an email stating that my item is on backorder. What does this mean?
  • How do I download my print / digital file?


  • How will I know if my order is on the way?
  • I put in the wrong delivery address, or made a mistake on my order. Can you change it?
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
  • How do I check all my orders?
  • Would you be able to transport globally or measure worldwide Visas?

Payments & Warranties / Guarantees

  • Which payment methods do you provide?
  • What does the guarantee cover?

Returns & Exchanges + Refunds

  • What is your return/exchange policy?
  • How can I return a product I purchased online?
  • How long does it take for a refund to be issued?

General Ecommerce FAQs


  • How do I reset my password?

Coupons & Gift Cards

  • How can I get coupons?
  • Where do I enter the coupon code?
  • Do you have gift cards?

Care & Maintenance for physical items

  • How do I clean my items?
  • What material(s) is my item made of?


  • How might I get in touch with you?
  • Where can I find you?
  • Can I visit your store / studio?
  • How can I make an appointment?

FAQs about Custom Work (if You Create Custom Items)

  • Do you do custom work?
  • Is my custom design truly one of a kind?
  • Can I customize a piece I bought on your website?

An FAQ page saves time for both your business and your customers, because you don’t need to spend much revenue on getting more customer care staff to answer growing questions from your buyers.

How to get FAQs that your own customers usually ask

  1. Check your mails, text & social media messages and phone calls from your customers. You will notice a list of the top questions that keep showing up.
  2. Use social media to post questions, polls and stickers for everyone to let you know what they usually want to know about your company.
  3. Check your competitors’ websites to see how they make FAQ questions and answers.

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