Mailchimp is a valuable outreach gem for any online brand.

Think about this: you spend thousands on social media ads to get new clients. You can also convert your existing contacts into first-time and repeat buyers — while building long-term relationships with them — for free.

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is one of the world’s largest marketing platforms, offering not only their email service, but also powerful and sophisticated marketing tools for businesses of every size.

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Mailchimp solves these problems

You must have experienced at least one of these problems when sending marketing emails to your contacts:

  1. Spending a lot of time sending emails to thousands of contacts one by one
  2. Lack of email performance data about your how your emails are performing — which content is the most interesting, how many people open them, and when they open your emails the most
  3. Scattered data about your contacts including where they come from, what they buy, and their interests
  4. Expensive email costs from sending bulk emails from normal email services e.g Gmail

How it works for you

New brand & design for Mailchimp | By Collins | Mailchimp design, Branding design, Mailchimp

⭐️ Send personalized messages on first-name basis in one click

⭐️ Automated emails in seconds while you sleep

⭐️ Keep all your customers’ & contacts’ data in one place

⭐️ Group (segment) your contacts automatically using tags and data about their e-commerce & email activity

⭐️ Share your email campaigns as social media posts too

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Valuable, actionable data from your email campaigns

With Mailchimp, you don’t need to guess how your emails are doing. This is the data you get as an updated report every time you send out an email campaign with Mailchimp:

  1. Summary campaign data including the number of email opens, link clicks, resulting e-commerce orders & revenue from the email (for e-commerce websites, and email unsubscribes
  2. AI-powered recommendations about how to improve your next email for better performance
  3. Benchmark statistics from your industry based on your past campaigns and your peers’
  4. Predicted demographic data about your audience such as age, gender, and top geographic locations

Here’s a sample report about how one client’s email campaign performed

(Click to view the full image)

How to Use Mailchimp in 2022 (Beginner's Guide)

Getting started

What you will need

  1. A website to collect contacts from
    Your contacts can be your existing e-commerce customers, your event attendees, or from a newsletter signup.
  2. A Mailchimp account
    This will be your home to set up your email campaigns.


Mailchimp’s all-in-one pricing scales with you. Their flexible pricing plans help you grow your first audience for free, then adjust your campaign with valuable features at a price that works for you.

You can click the images to view their pricing.


Mailchimp image credits: Mailchimp and COLLINS.

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