What is user-generated content?

User-generated content is any form of content that is created by your audience about your brand instead of you. Great examples of this are shoppers posting photos wearing your latest spring collection or leaving a review of your restaurant.

Why is user-generated content important? It is inexpensive, influential, social proof that humanizes your brand in a memorable way.

I love it when a brand features real, unfiltered content about themselves from their community instead of ultra-branded, curated content. It shows that they care about their fans and care about how they feel.

How to use UGC to show that people like you, you’re in demand & people are buying

Show social posts & product videos that talk about you — on your product page

From an unboxing video to shopping haul TikTok videos, showing how other people react to and use your product in real time is a huge motivator that pushes a potential customer to make a purchase. Here are good specific examples:

  1. Tagged photos on Instagram
  2. Unboxing videos
  3. Shopping haul & try-on videos
  4. How-to product videos
  5. Humor videos

Here’s an example of a customer’s funny videos using the Insta360 camera to document their adventures. It is a real-life demo about how this product can be used for fun and to create great memories.

FYI: Make sure you tag the people creating your user-generated content. Users who want a feature on your profiles and website will be more inclined to share UGC if they get a shoutout. I’ve included more in my ✨free✨ guide on what kind of information you should have about your product below, including content form your customers 👇

E-Commerce Product Page Checklist

Show reviews & testimonials from your customers & partners

Reviews give your social media followers critical information that can influence their shopping decisions. Remember, each of your followers is unique, so they will give a different perspective about you or your product, which means more value for your customers.

Customer reviews on Ana Luisa, an online jewelry store

Don’t be afraid to ask customers to review your business, products, or services. You can ask them in person, send an email after an online order, or include a message on your receipts. Get creative and ask people to review you!

Customer reviews on Mimimoo, a digital illustrations store

Show “Other people have bought this” notifications

I love From Kioni, an American store that sells illustrated stickers to a largely GenZ community. After I watch videos from their TikTok and see customers’ reviews, I’m almost convinced to make my first purchase.

From Kioni, an American illustrated sticker store

They show automatic notifications that other real people are buying from the store. This tells me how often people buy, what they buy, and how far these people come from and still decide to make their purchase. This is powerful.

Automatic “Other people have bought this” notifications at the bottom that show who else bought from this store

Let’s grow your online store!

Ideas for you to create user-generated content

  • Ask for reviews & testimonials
  • Start a challenge or trend
  • Create an ambassador or affiliate program
  • Host a contest
  • Make your UGC shoppable

I’m about to release my guide for what every online business needs to not only set up their store step-by-step, but also grow with user generated content. Add this guide to your wishlist so you know when it’s ready!

Ultimate Ecommerce Store Setup Guide — Coming Soon


Image credit: Work Animations – Harvard Business Review & Snapchat on Behance

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