Personal Branding for New UI/UX Designers

It’s 2023, and the UX design hype is starting to die down. Tech layoffs are happening, companies are getting more intentional with hiring designers, and it’s increasingly getting tricky to get a position straight out of design bootcamp. How will you set yourself apart from thousands of other UX designers?

Building a successful career in UI/UX design needs good personal branding.

As a UI/UX design mentor, I am aware that developing one’s personal brand can be challenging, particularly for introverted designers who might not feel at ease using social media. But do not worry; there are still many effective strategies to develop your own brand apart from social media. Here are some pointers to get you going:

Make a compelling portfolio website.


One of the most crucial tools for exhibiting your work and creative abilities is your portfolio website. Make sure your website is user-friendly, visually beautiful, and displays your greatest work. Don’t forget to provide a short bio that describes you and your design philosophies.

Team together with other designers.

Building your portfolio and expanding your network can both be accomplished through collaboration with other designers. Seek out ways to collaborate with other designers on projects and show off your work to their audiences. Additionally, working together might help you gain new insight into your design process and gain knowledge from others.

Write for design publications.

Consider contributing articles or tutorials to design publications if you enjoy writing. This might be an excellent approach to get recognized as an expert in your subject and reach out to new people. Write with clarity, conciseness, and a unique perspective that sets you apart from the competition.

Here are some examples of design publications where you can submit your work: Smashing Magazine, A List Apart, Creative Bloq, UX Booth, Design Milk, SitePoint, Codrops, Web Designer Depot, Muzli and Speckyboy.

Keep in mind that each publication may have its own guidelines and submission process, so make sure to read and follow their instructions carefully.

Take part in design contests.

A terrific method to present your abilities and reach a new audience is by taking part in design competitions. Find design competitions in your field and think about entering your work. Your reputation and self-confidence can be enhanced by winning or receiving recognition in a competition.

Attend design conferences and events.

Networking with other designers and possible clients can be facilitated by attending design events and conferences. It’s a chance for you to introduce yourself, show off your work, and pick the brains of others in your industry. Bring business cards and a smile, of course.


There are many ways to develop your personal brand without relying on social media, even if you are an introverted designer. Build a solid online portfolio, go to design conferences and events, compete in design challenges, work with other designers, and contribute to design journals. You may create a personal brand that will make you stand out in the field by working diligently, remaining persistent, and having a distinctive point of view.

Design Mentor @ ADPList | Senior Product Designer @ Andela | DesignLab & UX Academy Ambassador | 3x UI/UX Certified

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