Have you ever been looking for a gift for someone who seems to already have everything? Or, you got a gift that you didn’t really like but didn’t want to say it? 😬 Shouldn’t you have the freedom to get what you really want as a gift?

I have a closet with items I’ve been gifted on multiple occasions that I just can’t wear or use, and I don’t feel comfortable giving them away.

What is a gift card?

A gift card is a voucher that you can trade in at a physical or online store for a product or service instead of paying cash for it. Sine you can give it on any special (or normal) occasion, the gift that eventually gets chosen becomes anything the receiver wants it to be.

👆 For example, this is a gift card from Sommelier du Parfum, a French perfume store. The buyers may not know exactly what to buy for their special person, so buying them a gift card will make more sense.

A store with gift cards that can be bought with their other products/services shows that they know how much their customers want to discover what they like instead of having their choices made for them.

Gift cards are more thoughtful

It shows that the giver is thoughtful enough to know that the receiver is in a better position to get the gift they really want, and gives them the freedom to choose the best gift for the occasion. With a gift card, everyone gives and gets what they want. Everyone wins!

They feel personal

Not every present needs to be a handcrafted token of your affection. The best gift is something practical & helpful, or something that will pay for a secret item that I have wanted for a while but am too embarrassed to ask for.

But they are not lazy

I don’t need to spend hours worrying, looking for and buying items that will eventually end up in the back of someone’s closet. I just need to pick the right store that I know they like, and spend the rest of my afternoon feeling good about the smiles I’ll see later on when they buy what they want.

I would rather pick a store that I know my special person likes, and spend the rest of my afternoon feeling good about the smile I’ll see later on when they get what they actually want.

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