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I’m passionate about helping brands like you grow your revenue with a purpose-driven e-commerce website, and build a loyal community with repeat customers. Growing your brand doesn’t have to be so hard.

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👋 Hi, I’m Stephanie.

I’m a structured, efficient & impact-oriented UI designer based in Nairobi, Kenya. From concept to production, I create impactful websites that fulfil brands’ needs.

My current role as creative lead at Creative Consillium has let me work with brands to create websites that look beautiful and work the way their customers want them to.

I’ve worked with amazing brands

ZIA Africa

Beauty & Fashion

ZIA Africa is a modern clothing brand that uplifts women into modern elegance with confident, classy fashion.

Zia Bett, the founder, needed an e-commerce website that would make purchases from her social and offline networks easy. By automating her online business, she could have more time to create better opportunities to build the business. →

Shamba Café & Shop

Healthy Living

Shamba Café & Shop is a “farm to table” restaurant, with their own farm shop and garden center. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shamba needed to serve customers who couldn’t come to eat or buy in person anymore.

Michelle Gilardi, the owner, required a website to be an extension of Shamba’s brand, and open up the restaurant & shop to her customers online. Take a look at the process. →

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Wait, There’s More on My Journal

A balanced & considered approach

When I build websites for my clients, I consider three things: do your customers want it, does your brand need it, how achievable is it? These scenarios balance your brand’s needs with the overall strategy, and the result is a beautiful website that represents your brand in the right way.

Simple & direct is always best

Simple websites that give a direct message are hard to come by, and that’s because a lot of brands want to appeal to everyone instead of their ideal customer. Your customers want to feel that your message is made specifically for them.

Making things fun & easy

Success looks different for everyone, but all thriving brands have one thing in common – they make the process fun. From our first call to your website launch, you’ll get plenty of ‘A-ha!’ moments about how to do things better for your customers & your brand.

Customers first, assumptions second

Simple analytics data about your customers’ age, common shopping habits, or Google Search terms can paint a clear picture about your website’s ideal design. Remember, your focus is getting your customers to you, so you need to know who they are.

Let your online store showcase your story
 and get you your ideal customers.

Let’s talk about what your online business really needs to stand out.

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Here’s a free toolkit — Free tools to start & run your online store

I know you’ve been thinking about how to convert your boxes of inventory into dollar figures on your bank account. Make your first year of selling online easy with the right tools in your corner:

  • A list of free document generators for your typical website policies
  • Free photo sites with images that don’t look like stock photos
  • A checklist with free e-commerce themes, selected payment platforms & marketing tools
  • My favorite free apps that supercharge ecommerce stores I build on Shopify

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