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Shin City by Nyashinski — Coming Soon

Creating a rich Shopify store for a popular local artist, blending captivating design with seamless e-commerce to amplify fan engagement and skyrocket merchandise sales.

Luna Perfumes — Coming Soon

Designing & building an elegant online store for a fragrance retailer, blending sophisticated design and intuitive navigation to captivate new buyers and seasoned connoisseurs.

Jumia SuperApp Concept

Design exploration: Unifying Jumia's Shop, Food and Pay consumer apps into a seamless SuperApp

FilmAid Kenya

Empowering a non-profit organization on a mission to educate refugees through the compelling medium of film.

Xetova Design System

Helping Xetova's design, engineering & business teams build better AI-powered products using a scalable design system on Figma.
Finance & Investment

USAID’s Kenya Investment Mechanism

Helping Kenya Investment Mechanism (a USAID + Palladium partnership) create a $1Billion investment pipeline for enterprises.

Lets Drift

Helping Lets Drift evolve into a profitable business model while giving their adventurers better value with a powerful calendar & service subscriptions.

ZIA Africa

Helping Zia Bett-Nyamari uplift women into modern elegance with her own distinct fashion brand, ZIA Africa, through a Shopify online store.

Jubilee Tissue Industries

Showcasing a paper product manufacturer's product range and create a pivotal reference point for potential business partners and distributors.

Wild by Murugi

Transforming Murugi Munyi's fashion brand Wild by Murugi, to improve online shoppers' experience, boost customer engagement, grow revenue and spread body-positivity.

Shamba Café & Shop

Helping Shamba Café & Shop, an organic goods store & restaurant, to serve customers online & grow beyond the COVID19 lockdown.
Finance & InvestmentProduct


Helping growing business owners build their financial literacy with zero complexity through BOOKKEEPA™, a mobile bookkeeping app.
EcommerceEducation & Coaching

Dr Patricia Murugami

Helping Dr Patricia Murugami give her multinational community personal value through her online coaching, life-hacking books and memberships.
Finance & Investment

CHS Advisory

Establishing a collaborative platform for finance, technology, hospital operations, pharma manufacturing and supply, and health policy specialists and firms to address Africa's unique healthcare needs.


Enabling a Kenyan agri-tech startup to transform tech-powered agriculture by providing farming cloud solutions to local greenhouse farmers.
EcommerceEducation & Coaching

Keto Life

Transforming Keto Life by Zia into a community for keto enthusiasts through a lifestyle blog, product showcase, and beginner ebook sales.

E-commerce & Product Design for Long-Term Impact