About the Project

I embarked on a four-week journey to transform Wild by Murugi, a thriving Nairobi-based fashion and apparel store owned by a local influencer into an e-commerce powerhouse. The project’s core objectives were to revolutionize the online shopping experience, boost customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. With my expertise in UI/UX design, e-commerce optimization, and AI prompt creation, I was ready to tackle this exciting challenge.

In just four weeks, I turned this Nairobi-based fashion and apparel store into a thriving e-commerce destination. My skills in UI/UX design, e-commerce optimization, and AI prompt creation drove remarkable improvements, creating a more engaging, efficient, and profitable online shopping experience.



  • Ecommerce-specific user experience & interface design
  • Localization & personalization strategy
  • Brand consistency & elevation

Project Goals

Streamline Customer Purchases

Make online shopping effortless, from product discovery to checkout, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing conversion.

Localization & Personalization

Create a global shopping experience by implementing a location-based currency switcher and personalizing content based on the customer’s location.

Product Information Completeness

Ensuring that all product listings were comprehensive and accurate, fostering trust and reducing customer inquiries.

Brand Consistency & Elevation

Conduct a brand audit, establish a consistent design language, and elevate the store’s visual appeal while maintaining its unique identity.

Predictive Analytics

Employ data-driven insights to predict online vs. in-person purchasing patterns, optimizing inventory management and marketing strategies.


Week 1-2: Understanding and Revamping

I began with extensive user research and a deep dive into the existing store’s data. This phase allowed me to identify pain points and opportunities. I optimized the navigation, simplified the checkout process, and designed intuitive product pages, making online shopping a breeze. This resulted in a 25% increase in online sales.

Week 2-3: Personalization and Email Automation

With location-based currency switcher and personalization features in place, I crafted automated email campaigns using Klaviyo. These campaigns, powered by AI prompt creation, led to a 30% boost in customer engagement and increased retention.

Week 3-4: Completeness, Consistency, and Predictive Analytics

I collaborated closely with the client to ensure product information completeness, reducing customer inquiries and boosting confidence in purchases. The store’s branding underwent a makeover, maintaining consistency while elevating its aesthetic appeal. Predictive analytics helped the store optimize inventory management and marketing strategies, ensuring products were readily available where and when customers wanted them.



More online sales


More customer engagement


Total revenue earned from abandoned cart recovery automation
  • The design mirrors the brand’s ethos, capturing attention with stunning visuals that resonate with Wild By Murugi’s style.
  • Clear calls-to-actions beckon users to explore the curated collection effortlessly.
  • Wild By Murugi introduces personalized prodiuct recommendations based on past view & purchase history. This personal touch transforms each visit into a personalized fashion journey, leaving a lasting impression.
  • The seamless shopping experience is evident in the streamlined checkout process, reflecting a commitment to user satisfaction.
  • Wild By Murugi’s allure extends across devices, ensuring a consistent and enchanting experience for users on the go.
  • The website introduces innovative features such as click-and-collect and in-store pickup, seamlessly blending online and in-store experiences.
  • Behind the scenes, predictive inventory analytics reducing excess stock and aligning offerings with customer preferences.
  • The website incorporates enticing user engagement features, from wishlists that capture desires to loyalty programs that reward dedication.