BOOKKEEPA™ is a product that aims to help business owners organise their products, income and expenses easily with zero complexity (see the website).

Why was BOOKKEEPA™ created?

Dr Kimani Kamau, the client, noticed that every small business owner needs a form of financial accounting that can adapt to their day-to-day needs. Some write their daily notes in a notebook since that is the easiest way for them to record their notes fast.

Additionally, limited technology & financial literacy can discourage them from using existing accounting software (e.g Zoho Books or SAP), which are already too complex for them.

Potential Opportunities

BOOKKEEPA™ aims to solve this problem by:

  • Building financial literacy through a simple, easy-to-use platform
  • Helping entrepreneurs to organise their business finances easily, from FMCG businesses (e.g small kiosks) to medium-sized businesses
  • Providing these business owners with easy documentation for easier access to financing

Users’ Goals

  1. Add their inventory of products and services
  2. Update income/sales and expenses
  3. View & download financial statements
  4. Manage their business details

The Process

Competitive Analysis & User Research

We reviewed existing competitors’ websites, web & mobile apps, and app stores to find out common visual and technical aspects that users value. The target market’s digital literacy was one important consideration that would influence both the app’s designs and the website’s presentation.

User Personas

Designing the BOOKKEEPA™ Platforms

Key considerations for friendly usability

  • Simple language that educates users on financial aspects of their business
  • Clear information hierarchy to minimise information overload
  • Intuitive visual & navigation design that helps users find information they need easily on the website or app

The Website

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The Mobile App

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