Shamba Café & Shop is a delightful haven for organic food enthusiasts and supporters of ethically sourced products. It is more than just a “farm-to-table” restaurant; it’s a community hub, a farm shop, and a garden center, all rolled into one. Led by the passionate Michelle Gilardi, a seasoned hospitality professional with a blend of US and Swiss influences, Shamba embodies a commitment to sustainability, community, and global flavors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shamba needed to serve customers who couldn’t come to eat or buy in person anymore. Michelle needed a website to be an extension of Shamba’s brand, and an e-commerce store open up the restaurant & shop to her customers online.

Michelle Gilardi (center), the chef and manager of Shamba Café & Shop

Focus Areas

Homepage: A Feast for the Eyes

The homepage design encapsulates the essence of Shamba – vibrant, welcoming, and filled with the warmth of farm-fresh goodness. High-quality visuals showcases the farm-to-table journey, inviting visitors to explore the organic wonders within.

Product Showcase: A Virtual Marketplace

The product pages are a digital stroll through Shamba’s in-store offerings. From organic vegetables to ethically sourced products, each item is presented with care and detail. Dynamic content ensures a personalized experience, allowing users to discover new products aligned with their values.

Events Corner: Where Community Thrives

The events section highlights Shamba’s commitment to community building. From art exhibitions to family gatherings, the website becomes a portal for users to engage in the rich tapestry of Shamba’s cultural events. Clear calls-to-action encourage participation and attendance.

Behind the Scenes: Michelle’s Touch

The “About Us” section for a glimpse into Michelle Gilardi’s story. Her global culinary journey, coupled with a passion for sustainable dining, sets the stage for the Shamba experience. Visual elements convey authenticity, bridging the gap between the virtual world and the heart of Shamba.

Sustainability Showcase: More Than a Tagline

Shamba’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond words. Through engaging visuals and educational content, the website serves as a platform to showcase the farm’s eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing standards. Informative tooltips and guides foster a sense of transparency and trust.

Interactive Garden Center: Bringing the Farm Home

The garden center section introduces users to Shamba’s green haven. Interactive elements guide users through the process of bringing a piece of Shamba’s farm into their homes. From gardening tips to curated product bundles, the website fosters a sense of connection between the user and the land.

Designing Shamba Café & Shop’s website was more than a project; it was a collaboration with a community-focused brand driven by values and a passion for excellence. The result is a virtual space that mirrors the authenticity, warmth, and sustainability that define Shamba in the physical world.