The Kenya Investment Mechanism (KIM) is a five-year USAID program on a mission to foster economic growth and prosperity in Kenya. It’s not just a program; it’s a catalyst for change, facilitating an impressive US$400M in investments across key sectors of Kenya’s economy, with a primary focus on agriculture. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in advancing regional trade and investment opportunities, aligning seamlessly with the ambitious Prosper Africa initiative.

USAID aims to use the Kenya Investment Mechanism platform to connecting business opportunities with financing, mobilize substantial capital from the private sector, and build partnerships between key stakeholders in the financial ecosystem. This would happen through the official website that would be integrated with their Investment Mapping system.

Long-Term Goals

The Kenya Investment Mechanism needed to create a $1Billion investment pipeline for enterprises. This would be achieved through:

  1. Mobilizing capital for enterprises in Kenya and East Africa
  2. Improving the business environment through policy reform
  3. Offering capacity building to partners to deepen their understanding in the importance of value chain financing

Project Strategy

  1. Align the website copy to match USAID’s brand language, and include key phrases prominent in the large-scale investment community
  2. Optimize the website during the copy and design processes for design, content, and navigation improvements
  3. Integrate complete data tracking and use regular data analysis to identify opportunities to improve experience


Using the Kenya Investment Mechanism website, USAID has managed to secure investment pipelines worth 1 Billion US$. They plan to support over 200 SMEs, and have mobilized 174 Million dollars in finance for enterprises (US$).