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Image credit: Lets Drift
Image credit: Lets Drift

Lets Drift started in 2018 as a hobby by Alex Kamau to create simple weekend travel plans for a group of friends (see the website). Today, over 10K+ fans follow their official drift calendar & Instagram, hike & go on trips on the weekends, and check these adventures off their bucket lists. .

Showing up for adventurers who keep coming back

Within a few months after launching their first drifts, Lets Drift noticed that there was a group of fans who consistently showed up for new trips every weekend. They also created subscriptions to create predictable (and better) trip experiences. This worked instantly — their customers showed deeper personal investment with Lets Drift, and became their brand ambassadors.


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However, Lets Drift’s community had some trouble keep up with updates on upcoming drifts on social media & messaging platforms. They also needed to make their subscription process easier every month, quarter and year.

Lets Drift partnered with Creative Consillium to set up their official website with a drift calendar and an automatic subscription platform for their followers.

Lets Drift’s Official Website — letsdrift.co.ke
The Drift Calendar — letsdrift.co.ke/calendar
The Drift Subscriptions

When their subscribers got repeat & better value with subscriptions, such as bigger drift ticket discounts on the new website, they felt that they received a personal experience from a brand that listened to them. This turned them into loyal fans.

Major experiences gathered from this project

1. Optimizing existing software to support your business needs instead of building a custom system from scratch may save you time, money and headaches.

Before Lets Drift, a likely recommendation for a client would be creating a system for them from scratch to help them gather drift signups, streamline subscriptions, consolidate payments, and automate email campaigns. However, Lets Drift needed a website in a super short time that would do all these efficiently.

After we explored existing solutions that could match Lets Drift’s business needs as closely as possible, we realised that existing software (such as WooCommerce, Flutterwave and Mailchimp) already do what they do well. All you need to do is adjust your business to adopt them into your processes.

2. Your community is your biggest testing ground.

With a massive following of almost 15,000 followers on Instagram, Lets Drift was able to get feedback quickly from such a large sample size about their experience using the website. This ranged from saving tickets, renewing subscriptions, making payments, and using the website in general.

With this feedback, they could create a comprehensive list of adjustment priorities, and make fast updates to the website to accommodate their followers’ needs.


How Lets Drift Grows a Loyal Community with Adventure Subscriptions

Project information


What we did

  • Website Design Strategy
  • Brand Identity System
  • Brand architecture
  • Messaging
  • Interface Design
  • Website development
  • Brand Messaging / Communications


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