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Create a good first impression

Put a featured image front and center, so you can show your newest or most popular products.

Or drop site visitors straight into your shop page so they can start browsing quickly.

Promote sales or new releases with a scrolling banner.

If you want to build anticipation for your ecommerce store but aren’t quite ready to launch yet, set up a preview image to give visitors a look at what you’ll be selling and use the email sign-up field to start building your mailing list.

Make your checkout process smooth

Make sure your checkout page matches your store’s branding, and is easy to find and use.

Pick a payment processor that accepts the most popular payment methods that your ideal customers use in their region.

Choose a shipping provider that meets your needs, whether for local or international shipping.

Consider offering a local pickup option for nearby customers.

If you have a physical store too, make sure your store shows your business’ correct street address, contact information and operating hours.

Offer an easy-to find and -understand refund / return policy. Ensure the process is hassle-free in order to turn a potentially unhappy customer into one who is more likely to return to your business.

Incentivise new & repeat purchases

Enable abandoned cart recovery to automatically send reminder emails to customers who didn’t complete their purchase.

Include free shipping or a Buy X Get Y discount with a specified purchase minimum.

Grow customer loyalty

Collect email addresses at checkout.

Send a seasonal discount code to your mailing list for loyal customers.

Create a loyalty program so that customers can earn points when they buy from you, and redeem those points for free perks from your store.

Set up an incentive e.g a disocunt, for referring new customers that end up making a purchase.

Offer a two-sided referral code so a customer can end a friend a discount code and receive that same discount once that friend uses it.

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