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Lets Drift started in 2018 as a hobby by Alex Kamau to create simple weekend travel plans for a group of friends. Today, over 10K+ fans follow their official drift calendar & Instagram, hike & go on trips on the weekends, and check these adventures off their bucket lists.

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Showing up for adventurers who keep coming back

Within a few months after launching their first drifts, Lets Drift noticed that there was a group of fans who consistently showed up for new trips every weekend. They partnered with us to set up their official website with the drift calendar for their followers.

Lets Drift’s Official Website —
The Drift Calendar —

They also created subscriptions to create predictable (and better) trip experiences. This worked instantly — their customers showed deeper personal investment with Lets Drift, and became their brand ambassadors.

The Drift Subscriptions

When their subscribers got repeat & better value with subscriptions, such as bigger drift ticket discounts on the new website, they felt that they received a personal experience from a brand that listened to them. This turned them into loyal fans.

Growing new connections with Mailchimp

Lets Drift decided to welcome new subscribers & potential customers to their community, and give the basics on how to buy a subscription & RSVP to the drift calendar on the new website. They created a welcome email with Mailchimp, and sent it to the list of all contacts Mailchimp collected from the website.

The email got higher open and click rates than the industry average, which meant that Lets Drift’s new customers found it helpful to start their journey. It helped new members feel more confident about using the new website to get their next adventure, and less likely to rely on customer service to find what they are looking for.

Moreover, almost 50% of people who opened the email bought drift tickets & subscriptions on the website using quick links included in the email.


Becoming a lifestyle brand

By listening to their community of adventurers, Lets Drift learned how to earn their customers by offering them more than just a product, but also the fun, adventurous lifestyle they crave too. They grew a sustainable, human image — transforming into a friendly brand that could support their followers to become the free adventurers they wanted to be. In return, they earned their community’s trust. 

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Additionally, Lets Drift was able to build a sustainable business model based on recurrent subscriptions, and scale their revenue with predictable cash inflows. This way, they could secure more internal and potential external funding over time to explore more ways to offer value to their customers.

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