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You’re here because, presumably, you want to get started selling online. You might have an online shop that you want to drive traffic towards, but are having trouble getting sales from your online products. You might also want to update your catalog pages on your online ecommerce store to get more repeat purchases.

I’ve put together a short guide for what your products’ photos should be like, what you need to include to encourage sales, and details you need to change to drive repeat purchases.

🛍 Are you ready to start selling online? Download the full e-commerce checklist here!

Step 1 — Optimising your store’s products photos

Product photos are the first thing your customers look at. These items are a must-have for your product photos:

  • Use multiple, high-quality images for every product
  • Keep all the photos in the same size, as either a square or a portrait (tall rectangle).
  • Use the same color background for all photos. White is most recommended because it keeps the photos looking clean.
  • If you run an apparel, jewelry or makeup e-commerce store, you need to choose whether or not to show just the product, or the product on a body, or the product on a model with her face being shown.

Product gallery example — Gymshark

Ecommerce store product photo gallery example
APEX SEAMLESS 1/4 ZIP — Gymshark

Gymshark is a British fitness apparel and accessories brand, manufacturer and retailer. Their shop catalog features photos that show how the product looks, fits, and works when put to the test in real life.

Being an inclusive fitness apparel brand, their strong point is showing how products look on different body types. This helps their customers feel confident about their online purchases.

Pro tip:

Include videos on your product gallery. These have a higher conversion rate than photos.

Step 2 — Get detailed about your store’s products

Your online customers want to be absolutely sure about their purchase before they hand over their money to you. This is why you should get as detailed as possible about your product, and still keep every detail relevant. These are the items you should never miss on the product’s description page:

  • A clear & relevant product title
  • A short & sweet description. If it does gets long, include headings and bullet points to improve readability.
  • Price and available sales / discounts
  • Features, components or the material of the product
  • Care and maintenance instructions
  • Sizes / dimensions / capacity
  • Information about the brand, if your store sells products from another vendor
  • A clear call-to-action e.g Buy Now or Add to Cart in an easily noticeable color
  • Customer reviews
  • Related items

Product description example — Gymshark

Ecommerce store product photo description example
APEX SEAMLESS 1/4 ZIP — Gymshark

Pro tips:

If you sell apparel or shoes, you must include a size guide for your products. This helps your customers estimate which size they should buy, and will reduce how many products are returned or exchanged in the future.

Another nice-to-have is a currency switcher, which enables international customers to browse and buy in the currency they are comfortable with.

🛍 Are you ready to start selling online? Download the full e-commerce checklist here!

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